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see you next "fox news sunday." captioby closed captioning services, inc we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> developing thousand now on the fox report. new information on the deadly gas explosion. ur why officials are not sure how many people died. i'm julie banderas and this is the fox report. the search for the victims now in itsom fourth day, as some of the families left homeless by this massive explosion a allowed to return. but for investigators,he search for answe and for more missing people is far from over. >> how long that may wta, i don't want to predict o it, but we wht to be as thorough and accurate as possible. >> officials now warn it could
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take more than a year to determine what was really to blame, but that's not sitting well with everybody. >> i want to know what happened now. i don't want to wait 18 months, there's a 3 lot of 30 inch gas pipelines throughout the state. >> new detai developing story in a live report coming up. also tonight, the war of words between the wte house and republicans heats up. >> there were no new policies from mr. boehner, there were no new ideas. >> julie: first of the president lashed out at the man who could be the next speaker. >> we've offered him new ideas for the last 2: 0 months. >> julie: and just ahead, what the minority leader has s to say about the battle or tax cuts. plus, they pmised to let her go, only to announce they've changed their minds.
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now, a new offer on the table for one of the detained american hikersment developing now on the fox report, returning home to a scene beyond recognition. today, residents of a california neighborhood are allowed to go back for good after that gas line rupture, caused an explosion and subsequent fire ball that destroyed dozens of homes thursday night. right now, officials confirming at least four people died. this, as crews combed the rubble and worked to identify remains at this moment, four people are still classified as missing. and now, there's new word tonight, the gas company categorized the section of the pipeline in which the explosion happened as a high risk. we're alsoearning more about the people who died, including a mom who was part of a commission reviewing pacific gas and electric's investment plans to upgrade its natural gas lines. she and her 13-year-old daughter were among those killed. a giant crater from the
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explosion not far from their house. we're also told it could take up to more than a year for investigators to piece together the cause of this terrible tragedy in the suburb of san francisco. claudia cowan is live in san bruno tonight with more. what was the reactio gn like once they got home? it must have been pretty overwhelming for so many. >> right, julie,t was. you can imagine the mixed emotions of returning to a home that's basically intact, but in a neighborhood that has yee literally torn apart, we followed one family who lived near that blast site a whose home suffered onlyinor dama damage. >> we're very lucky that our house was spared and we just feel so sad for our neighbors, literally three houses down where their house was just destroyed. >> well, hundreds of residents are now getting to resume live homes. they face a longoad ahead. this is not just a physical restructuring, but it is a mental restructuring, as well. every time they look out their s window they will see only
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total devastation, but the mayor of san bruno told me ong and munity i str resilient,hey're getting an awful lot of assistance now from state and federal agenes. and he says, in time, that neighborhood will be rebuilt. sslie. >> what waske the process like, claudia to get so many people back into their homes? >> right, and remember that area is a crime scene, well, hundreds ofesidents gathered here at sky line college in san bruno to be escorted back to their homes in shif. they had to show a photo i.d. n they had to obtain a special wristband and met at their property by utility company personnel who helped them restore pilot lights, helped them make sure it was safe to turn the power b ackon. tomorrow,to city officials plan meet with those victi who lost everything and give them special assistance, including crisis counseling to help them get back on their feet, julie. >> julie: what about the ms, claudia? i understand tum been revised once again? >> you know, nearly four days after the deadly explosion,
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city officials still can't say for sure how many people were killed and the numbers have been changing throughout the weekend. right now, the officl death toll still stands at four, even though remains were found overnight, forensic testing is now being done to determine the identity of those remains, even to identify whether the remains are human. julie at last report, four people remain unaccoted for. >> julie: clauda cowan, thank you very much. wildfire alert now as parts of colorado continue to go up in flames and check out the latest flames, amazing video here, y're looking at a three i alarm grass fire from crater lake. from three to 30 acres, it can be seen as far away as boulder. no word what, sparked the fire. and the denver post reporting
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investigators now looking into what this fire was caused by an unintended fire pit. an unattended fire pit. this wildfire is one of the most damaging fires in colorado's history costing close to 7 million dollars to fight and destroying more than 160 homes. well, he could become the next speaker of the house and that makes him a political target, ahead of november's mid term elections, but the stakes got raised after new comments from boehner. der right now democrats and republicans sparring over tax cuts,e especially those concerning the middle class. well, just recently, president obama took direct aim at h boehner on his home tur it during a visit to ohio. >> there were no new policies for mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else, we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer. >> the president says we've had no new ideas, but we've
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offe ared new ideas for gthe lat 20 months and speaking of new, is wonder what's new about more stimulus spending, more taxes on more uncertainty for american small businesses? that's what the president is proposing. >> at this moment there's a huge debate raging in washington about extending tax breaks enacted under former president georgoe w. bush. they are set to expire next year. and their fate takes on a whole new meaning as worries ouow about the govenarnment's financial situation. and as you're probably aware, uncle sam's debt problems are a huge mid term election issue. julie kirtz has more from washington. >> reporter: john boehner the house republican leader, sees the first time on negotiations to tax cuts. less than two months to the mid terms he's willing to talk cut deal and vote for a deal that would phase cout a bush tax cut for the wealthiest americans, making $250,000 a year. >> if the only option i have is to vote for those 250 and
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below of course i'm going to do that, but i'm going to do everything i can to make sure we extend the current tax cuts for all americans. >> reporter: and what president obama said this week, at extending the tax cuts for middle class americans to be a starting point for debate on tax cuts and the chief economic advisors, awes tan goolsbee says he welcomes taboehner's new stance and will bemp emphasizing the white house view that the very well off in this country don't need a tax break, but middle class americans do. >> the president strongly believes that you cannot, after the decade of an t astounding squeeze on the middle class that was followed by the worst recession in our lifetime. since 1929, that is, we cannot afford to raise taxes on the middle class, we should make that permanent. >> asked about the recovy summer that never was, goolsbee says that americans can expect to see the high unemployment rate to continue sore fom time. tly at 9.6%, he isn't
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sure what the rate will be at the end of the year>>, julie. >> julie kirtz, thank you. >> thousands of grass roots activists makinghe their voices heard in washington today. they came from coast to coast for the 9-12 taxpayer march. i the theme, remember in november. they took that message right the steps of the capitol. steve centanni is live in washington with more on today's events, hi, steve. >> hi, julie. thousands of tea party activists moving in high gear in advance of the mid term ci elections, voicing opposition to higher taxes and more governor spending. this gathering is one of several tea party events held across the country and organized by freedom works, a political organizion founded by former congressman dick armey. the theme of today's march and ral remember in november. an appeal to voters to remember the huge stimus spending program aimed at boosting the economy and the health care law which tea party activists call a government takeover of health care.
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as for republican chances in november, congressman mike pence of indiana said this. >> it's up to these people, it's up to the peo all across this country, whether or not we elect the majority in congress that's committed to mainstream conservative values. we've got 51 days left, but i like our chances. >> reporter: and t man who made his mark by suing the federal government over the provisions of the new health care law, virginia attorney general ken kuchnellie predicts his case will end up in the supreme court. >> i hope in about a year and a half to come to a building bout two blocks that way and restore the balance of power between the states and the federal government and to kill the health care bill dead. >> reporter: similar rally was held last year with a much bigger turnout. xplained that many tea party supporters came to the glenn beck rally a few weeks ago and couldn't afford to take the same trip twice, :
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julie. >> julie: in washington, thank you very much, steve. n.a.t.o. forces in afghanistan break up a terror plot aimed at breaking up next week's election and the province killing a taliban commander and four insurgen. rt intelligence reports say the group was planning to fire rockets on afghan polling places. held captive for more than a year in iran now, another deal on the table that could possibly bring an american woman home. but she leaves behind two american friends, iran refes to release. new information tonight on what tehran plans to do with them. plus, he shot and killed five people, including his wife. before turning the gun on himlf. now, new details about what made him snap next. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at
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different mobile homes in around noon after shooting the five people the gunman shot and killed himself. nearby neighbors say they're stunned. >> you hear about it on the news all the time, but when it comes in your neighborhood it's aittle different. >> julie: one victim's relatives says the gunman wt into a rage after arguing with his wife overp breakfast. police s they're still investigating. iranian prosecutors say the on again/off again release of the american hiker shourd appears to be on again. fi rst demanding $500,000 in bail. shourd's mother claims the iranians are denying her medical care for severe healthnc problems including a to release the fellow hikers. iranians authorities describe shourd's release as an act of clemency, but former lt ambassador john boulton sees
7:16 pm
other reasons. >> i think the rel ease idea was a prelude to ahmadnejad coming to new york the week of the 20th. intended to show that he's a more reasonable person than some pple think and to give him a propaganda boost as he comes to addresshe general assembly. >> julie: there's mow word whether a bail payment would violate u.s. sanctions against iran. fox news is america's election headquarters and it's just over seven weeks from now. now, you can roll the music, that's fine. seven weeks from now, until voters head to the polls. there y owgo. now, i guess not. in pivotal elections that could shift the balance of power in washington. earlier a big event in the state sets the stage for anyone making a run for the white house. today, two big democratic operatives who helped president obama reach the west wing paid a visit and right now it'sar still not clear if their boss will campaign in the state leading up to november's mid terms. steve is live with the details, hi, steve. >> reporter: hi, julie.
7:17 pm
yes, the two men who had their hands 0 literallien 0 the levers of the campaign two years ago, david axlerod and david plouff, and they were the speakers. and the democrats in iowa and around the country, read poll after poll pre detecting bad news for the party coming in november and the advice ignore the expertsredicting doom for democrats. >> we're not going to get hammered in november. i feel like the results are going to be different than, you know, the prognostications right now. >> right now, the republicans are coming out in big numbers and some may be wearing tin foil hats, but they're comg out and we need to get democrats excited and that's what we're doing. >> reporter: in iowa like many states, the democrats have number, and the trick is to get infrequent voters to
7:18 pm
the polls and plouff the numbs that may number in the tens of thousands in iowa alone. to do this the democrat elk party opened 20 temporary campaign offices in june and as far as the enthusiasm gap is concerned, senator harken says the republicans can have their enthusiasm. >> what the republicans are doing, they're pelaying to those passions. yes, there are some disconnects in our society. yes, some people are o of work, we have been laying the groundwork under president obama to move us into the e future. the republicans are at that i canning advantage of the passion the people have omentarily. >> reporter: now, senator harken says he'll takeio determination over passion as th far as the polls are concerned. if there tre are any reflections that it needs to take place soon in the final election days, julie. >> julie: steve brown, thank youery much. hurricane igor is now a category 4 storm expected to
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>> a fox news weather alert. hurricane igor picking up strength fast, it'sgo now a category 4 hurricane. forecasters are saying igor, not immediately threatening land, but it could be heading for bermud it could gain strength as it
7:23 pm
whirls across the atlantic and en more trouble out there tonight, there is another tropic o depreion. it's forming off the coast of africa right now. prompting a storm warning for parts of the cape verde islands. well, if you're watching the market to see how the investments are doing, hang on to your hat because september started off on an upswing, but now wall street is bracing furor what hurricanically has been the most volatile time of the year and the mid term elections could add more even twists and burns to the wild ride and fox senior business correspondent brenda buttners has the latest. >> wall street hasn't been much of a battle ground of late. the bulls in command with the dow up seven out of the last eight days a the first week a real september surprise with the best start to the month in more than six decades. but if the past is any guide. get ready for torrid trading and september is the most volatile month historically in the last few weeks, the peak
7:24 pm
of wild moves up and down. expect big swings day-to-day and even within a trading day. why? not much volume or number of trades until no yet, it's back to work now for traders, and options on wall strees so-called fear gauge or the vix has been a big trade, meang investors are tting a jump sharply and mr. enit i to move the markets. reports on retail sales, on weekly jobless claims, on the prices we pay and on consumer confidence. and wall street has to watch washington, too. mid determine elections years, especially with a chance for chge in power in congress are big battles. this year, of intense interest t investors as the parties fight over economic policy, tax hikes, unemployment solutions and more spending. but even thoug september is the market's bogeyman, a look at history may give the bulls
7:25 pm
reason to run not long after. stocks have gained nearly three times more on average after the mid term elections compared to the first two years of a presidential term and nine of the last 14 bea markets bottomed out i the mid term year. julie. >> julie: brenda buttner, thank you very much. it is thousands of miles away from the u.s., but greece's money problems have a direct impact on your 401(k) and even t interest rates you pay. now that country's leader making a bold proclamation about the financial ictures from ay, they resulted from plans for so-called austerity needed to cut greece's massive de. now the prime minister satisfying no more belt tightening will be needed and he says greece is on track to meet targets reducing the deficit by almost 40% this year and says that greece might be free of international supervision sooner than expected. mexican police diffuse a
7:26 pm
potentially deadly car bomb across the border from el paso, texas. how offers found the explosives and what else they discovered at the scene and how safe was west virginia's big branch mine before last april's explosion killed 29 miners? newly uncovered logs could hold the answer and months ago, author and holocaust survivor, eli wisele turnedtba president obama, now he tells the president who he thinks of the process. ♪ we'll make evything okay ♪ walk together t right way ♪ do, do, do, do [ air whooshing ] [ crunch! ] [ male announcer ] 11rams of delicious who grain. one mighty toasted crunch. new wheat thins crunch stix. the crunch isalling.
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>> i'm julie banderas, this is the fox report. the bottom the hour, te for the top of the news. california fevers searching for victims after last week's massive pipeline explosion. fox news confirmed at least four people died in the blast and resulting fire although the death toll could rise and we're learning the section of pipelinede exploded had been considered high risk. because of the proximity of the homes and allowing some resides to return to their home. iran, signaling today it may be willing to release one of the three detained american hikers, but for a price. sarah shourd's lawyer says the iranian government is offering to release her if someone pays a half million dollar bail. the two other hikers remain and will sy behind bars for now. and the leading republican in the house saying today he'd support the president's plan to slash taxes for the middle
7:31 pm
class, even if that dsn't mean tax cuts for the wealthy. that is if it's the only option on the ttabl but republican john boehner criticized the president and democrats not listening to the t proposal to help fix the econoen. a world renowned author famous for insights into one of history's biggest cases of mass murder amid the peace talks. holocaust survivor and writer elie wiesel, he had discussions how they should progress and shared his thoughts about a lead are of a country who's made statement about wiping israel off the map. rina ninen has more from jerusalem. >> hello, julie, elie wiesel had an opportunity to ddeiscuss with the president in may. i asked himhat he scussed. >> i cannot tell you, when you are alone with the president only he knows and only i know. >> reporter: as we enter the
7:32 pm
peace talks, trust is so low on both sides, what makes you optimistic. >> i'm very optimistic in this case and nevertheless, i really think that i have that feeling anyway, based on anything else, a feeling, a premonition, sometng will happen. >> you talked about the threats from the north with hezbollah and also the ever existing threats of iran. what are your thoughts, what needs to be done? >> ahmadnejad should be rrested, for crimes against humanity before the international court. the man who stole the elections from his own people he's a disaster. >> in regards to peace talks, secretary of state hillary clinton, palestinian president abbas and prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet
7:33 pm
tuesday in ypt. julie. >> julie: rina ninen, thank you so mh. the top commander in afghanistan laying out new guidelines about doing business in the war torn country, david petraeus issuing guidance tore international contracts in afghanistan. the general's biggest fear is withouproper oversight some of the money could end up in the hand of terrorists or even criminals inside the country. petraeus saying lax monitoring fuelled corruption making it difficult to win the loyalty and trust of the afghan people. 40 years ago, president nixon declared war on cancer, today the disease is killing one in five americans, but there are new treatments saving plenty of lives and helping cancer patients live longer. tonight, dr. manny alvarez and dr. kumar hosting a one hour special, fox news reporting, winning the war on cancer. cancer is a very curable disease. half of everyone who develops
7:34 pm
the diseasetr will get good treatment and go on and live the normal life span. >> it's not a death sentence, we treat it more as a chronic disea. it's n longer one size fits p ll. it's personalized medicine. >> we design our drugs to directly attack mutational changes. >> i think we should be thinking how to live with cancer, because cancer is a problem related to theof basics of life. >> julie: you can catch fox news reporting he"winning the war on cancer" tonight at 9 p.m. eastn. >> an update now into a coal mine explosion that killed 29 miners in west virginia last april. the associated press reporting it obtained handwritten logs from miners, warning of the threat of coal dust inside the mine ahead of the worst u.s. co mine explioen in 40 years. the log showing macy energy's upper big branch mine regularly had dangerous coatings of coal dust, t as you may know, that's the material that can cause and trigger explosions.
7:35 pm
well, massey energy saying that the mine appeared well dusted before the explosion. 100 animals found locked in a filthy home and a man eats 11 pounds of food in just tesen minutes. just two stops as we go across america. >> louisiana, these wheel the smashed up tck body are al that's left of a 18-wheeler after a passenger tran slams into the truck outside of crowley. 14 people transported t local hospitals, theyave nonlif threatening injuries. the driver of the 18-wheeler says he looked both ways when he got to the train tracks, but says when he moved forward, the train s suddenly hit him. new york, more than 100 animals, including this little guy, found inside a filthy home on long island. the couple who owned the charged with animal cruelty. >> they're also dead dogs and parts of dogs found in the home.
7:36 pm
>> the fire department was called to the home when the ammonia from the animals urine tbecame strong enough to trigger an alarm. most of theor dogs are put p for adoption and the house is condemned. south carolina the university of south carolina adding the new addition to its medieval book collection. it's a bible from the 13th century, the university got it at an auction for 77,000 dollars. >> a lot of things have been studied. this one just popped up on the market like magic. >> julie: the bible is available for anyone to se new mexico-- a big winner, no pun intended, at the competitive eating contest at the state fair in albecurque. this time, it wasll a about chomping down the most berb burrito's, joey chestnut won
7:37 pm
the contest in july and this morning, he scar offed down 47 burritos, 11 pounds of food. the prize, $1500. andhat's aos fox watch. across america. a major attack on the mexican border city before-- it's stopped before the damage is done. police preventing a car bomb in a place known for deadly drug violence thanks totsomebu outside help, but that's t all they discovered at the scoon. and history floats, but for how long? a race against time to save a one of a kind war ship that played a key role in an american battle. what's needed to se the olympia from a watery grave. ♪ beyond the sea, she is there watching for me ♪ ♪ if i could fly like a bird on high and straight to her arms ♪ it can get really complic. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, tho. i mean shipping is a hassle.
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>> mexican police foiling a border attack. a phone tip apparently led officers to a shopping center in t city of juarez and they found the explosives in one vehicle and a dead body in another and agents remo dved explosives before detonating the car. no word on the identity of the body. three people were killed in juarez just last july. a rush to prevent more from dying, in a four wheeler race th at's all about the baby, as we go around the world in 80 seconds. kosovo, a french soldier shot in a clash between serbs and ethnic a ethnic albanians. the outcome of a championship basketball game, turkey defeated serbia. police were called in to break up the fighting. the injured french soldier was reportedly shot in the leg and
7:42 pm
is recover fine. many children jammed into makeshift clinics as health care workers scramble to con attend an oureak of cholera.ea the deadly disease has already killed close to 800 nigerians over the last two months. it's the worst epidemic the country has seen in 19 years. china, remember this? the ompic water cube in beijing where michael phes famously won eight gold met dallas is transformed into a water park. since opening last month more than 70,000 people have come to check it out. lithuania, and they're off. it's the battle of the buggies with babies on board. the fun festival bringing in proud parents from all offer the region. the winner gets this medal and bragging rights a that's a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> julie: what a cuty pa
7:43 pm
tooty. it's a battle for survival, one of the steels could get sunk at sea. the olympia played a key role in the spanish american wars. the problem is doing repairs so she doesn't get sunk, literally. peter doocy with the latest on the olympia's todfate. >> today the 430 foot boat is peacefully floating on the shesor of philadelphia near delaware. the u.s.s. olympia took out a spanish fleet in the spanish american war in the philippines, a hybrid that used a coal powered engine most of the time, but also the last u.s. ship to be equipped with sales and the first to be equipped with refrigeration so the crew, these guys, didn't have to worry about food poisoning which plagued
7:44 pm
sailorsf that area. it was decommissioned after bringing home the unknown olhesdier. and in a mew sheem that will close in the winter the first time ever because the national treasure is in such disrepair. >> what it needs, roof and basement job. the hull out, and before the roof repaired and the envelope sealed again to make sh a floating, sealed stable envelope so it can be enjoyed for years a to come. >> the olympia didn't have any major damage from the battles with the anish, but you can see s 's losing the fight against the delaware river. water and mud have ben traited the hull, a hull so thin now in places, that it's been patched up, but only teorarily and without 20 million dollars for repairs now and later, she will either sink righthere she's docked, be sold as scrap or sunken off the coast of new jersey. er i'd much rather see her reefed. i believe she can embark on a
7:45 pm
second lifetime as a tourist attraction under the water. >> t u.s. navy says saving the olympia is not their responsibility because they donated the ship long ag do, and theny do not plan on offering financial assistance, but you can. just go to philly sea >> julie: thank you very er much. time for the cool critter of the day and ooh, this one is adorable, i understand the baby elephant born two days ago at the zoo in melbourne, australia. look at the little guy, a little clumsy though trying to find his deet and use his trunk. oh, the first male asian elephant ever born in australia and he already has some big fans, too, zoo g goers will even get a chance to name him when the zoo holds a special competition later this month. . >> julie: ou cwild watch that all day. with the housing market still in the dumps, you can peck up f amazing deals if you have one they think at your disposal. you can score some spectacular
7:46 pm
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>> word authorities have captured one of the most mexico. ug lords in it's this man, sergio bargen known as el grande. he's the presumed leader of one of the country's most notorious cartels. officials say there's a 2 million dolls reward for his capture and the arrest coming two weeks after police arrested another spect cartel leader, a b texas born man known as la barbie seen here. and mexico raging drug wars led to thousands of deaths in recent years. police in massachusetts are
7:50 pm
looking for the person who attacked a woman with a bb g. christina was in the car with her husband and three-year-old son when the bright red pelt hit her in the side of her head. she escaped permanent injuries, but says ith could have been much worse. >> this is the best case scenario where everyone is walking away with it. if it had c hit a small child put them in the hospital. hit me in eye could have lose an eye. i wasn't driver the car, hit the driver could have had a head-on collision. >> so far tre are no suspects in thi case at this point. christy's husband expectst could be a neighborhood kid and urging parents to comde forward with information. well, it's not all bad news in the housing market. especially if you have lots of cash burning a hole in your pocket. in fact, some speculators are even buying up propeies in bulk in ritzy places, phil
7:51 pm
keating has more from miami. >> it takes a box to visit the herrera brothers condominium. because angel and santiago boughtn 39 condos in forecast all at once or millions of dollars and they flipped for a quick profit and plann to sell the rest in three to five years and hope to double the investment. >> the market has never been so down. so when you're so down, almost like all you can do it up. >> bulk buying is one segment of the real estate market that's booming right now. >> the hot spot when it comes to bulk buying in florida and perhaps the nation analysts say is in downtown miami. and makes accepts, miami's skyline is the poster child of the pre market crash. developments on the bay, 0 units available, two towers, five swimming pools and the bank owed 200 million dollars.
7:52 pm
that tripled the number of condos on the miami market and the result today is a glut ofte glistening condo towers full of distressed and discounted properties and developments unfinished. >> this is pure capitalism. if you don't have all cash you stand no chance you're going to get crushed. ondo you have cash, c says thatar deals are everywhere and lo and kebehold it's on the market today at 50,000 and trade at 35 to 40,000. >> it was originally 172. >> $172,000 what it was purchased for. >> he adds that most of the buying? south florida in being done by foreigners right now, who have a lot of cash, speaking incredible opportunities and without a doubt, love the views. in miami, ph keating, fox news. >> sure, we all have an extra 7illion dollars to buy 39 condo, right? if you're trying burglarize a store your judgment is in
7:53 pm
question. wait until you hear how cops in california nabbed a particular robbery suspect, you might say it's a gift from above, plus the new york giants opening up their brand new stadium. how did they do today? sports is next. but not for your eyes. they're still so tired-looking. with olay, challenge that with regenerist anti-aging eye roller. its hydratinformula with caffeine-conditioning complex perks up the look of eyes. it works in the blink of an eye. [ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in theaviation business, i kind of feel like if you're not having fun at what you do, then you've got the wrong job.
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>> it's opening sundays for the nfl and the giants testing out the brand new stadium and aking history at the women's championships. peter from fox is here, all right, peter the giants open the new meadow lands today. how did they do? >> the last time t giants were at home for a home game is at the old giants stmadm. lost to a team called the carolina panthers as41-9 last season. and disgusting loss and a way to end out that season they wound up with the carolina ntpahers in the sparkling meadowlands stadium and eli manning threw three touchdowns
7:57 pm
passes and giants were in the building, celebrating the victory and the fans had a blast and it's a party all day long and the giants are one wi zero sllosses in the new home. i can't get enough of the giants in our house old, all right. >> any big surprises today? >> theiggest surprise on the nfl slate was the houston texans down in houston beating the conference champions indianapolis colts and they beat them 34-24. why was it so crazy, because the colts had beaten the texans 15 of the last 16 times, they owned the houston texans and this guy wasn't drafted, an undrafted free agent out of tennessee and ran for 235 yards secondr in opening day history second only to o.j. simpson in 1973. >> julie: oh, let's talk tennis, amazing gam last night. federer's match amazing how he lost that one. let's talk about the victory in the women's championship final last night. >> yeah, last night was
7:58 pm
fantastic. kim clijsters, you will appreciate this. kim clijsters retired from the game, had a child, took 27 months off. she returns to tennis not only does she win last year's u.s. open, but this years a this year she did it in an impressive passion. >> julie: nice split. >> impressive indeed, 6-1, 6-2, in the second shortest ever women's u.s. open. and a great score. > julie: i couldn't get in that position after giving birth. but yway, all right. peter, thank you very much. >> thank you, julie. >> julie: well, police try to catch a thief. it's not time for the day in history. we're not there yet. when police try to catch a thief they usually don't mean xactly what one sherf's deputy in pico rivera, california did. isburglar fell through the ceiling and into his arms.
7:59 pm
acting 0 and hunch they sprayed tear gas into the attic. he was accused of robbing two stores and set to appear in court on tuesday. roll the animation and now on is day in 1992, nasa makes history once aga in as endeavor embarks on the space agency's 50th shuttle mission. now, the mission called sts-47, featured a crew full of firsts. the first african-american woman in space. the first japanese astronaut to fly award a shuttle and the first married couple to go up together. but its main mission was a carry to new space lab into orbit, an experiment that would help them prepare for long stays in space 18 years ago today. and now, you know the news as fox reports this sunday, september 12th, 2010. i'm julie banderas, thanks for watching, everyone. you know, we have enough time now, we could probably roll that elephant video again.
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